Work Manifesto 2010-2012:
Reason and its Reverse

The production and training activity of the Frantoio, intended as promotion and valorization of local memory and history, has seen in past years a significant increase in both audience and shows. A new cycle of work has begun in its sixth year: Reason and its Reverse. The theatre of places joins forces with the theatre of stage and aims to promote cultural events deeply linked to the environment, the squares, the cloisters, embarking on a journey to rediscover evocative fragments of territory. This happens through workshops, performances, debates and creative writing sessions, live music, video, readings and meetings with artists, or simply through moments of union and exchange. Different titles will identify the different sections of the programme. 'Women, History and Culture' will deal with activism and feminist culture. 'Identity and Diversity' faces the theme of integration and the coexistence of different cultures. 'The Play of Folly' deals with difficult social conditions in different contexts: from the old town where the story of the 'tranquille' living in the former hospital still lingers, to schools and areas where young people meet. 'The Pomegranate Garden' is dedicated to children, offering a programme of traditional tales from foreign countries, flagging the theme of cultural diversity to a younger generation. All this is linked in 'The Sugar Attic', the upstairs room in the Frantoio, a space to meet, chat, hold exhibitions and installations, where all are welcome to come and stay awhile, before and after the shows.