The Frantoio: a Window on the World

For ten years Firenza Guidi and ELAN's workshops and creative activities lived in different spaces, often interfering with other realities. In 2004 they are finally given a home: a dedicated space, whose first destination is creativity, culture, artistic training. The Frantoio Project is presented as the articulation of a production and training centre which includes all performative arts, organically structured together and not merely as a sequence of activities. We often tend to think the arts as distinguished genre: theatre, cinema, music, visual arts, dance, opera. Experience teaches us that arts deeply influence each other.  Contamination, quotation and the influence between the different artistic languages help to feed and understand wider cultural processes. That is why ELAN considers the Frantoio a place where different arts can meet to grow and let grow. The Frantoio as a space to explore and express one's creativity. A space to learn and invest time, passion and talent. A centre of involvement, professional commitment and communication. A centre of activities and a school for both young people and adults, which will continue to grow towards a national and international level to open a window on the world.