The Frantoio project is a live artistic community, in touch with the world and at the same time aware of the needs and potential of the individual and the locality.

It is structured in a way which allows it to liaise and co-operate with its local city council as well as interacting with other local groups and associations. : building on this essential network of local support it seeks to identify and encourage the work of young local artists, offering them a window on the world through its international projects and connections. One of the cornerstones of the work of the Frantoio and its Artistic Director, Firenza Guidi is the constant dialogue between creation and research; this fusion produces a collaboration between individuals and cultures ; collaboration here is intended as the creation of a 'glo-cal community' (global but at the same time deeply rooted in the locality). The permanent school and the workshops it offers throughout the year aim first of all to identify and nurture people's creative potential , and afterwards to develop and strengthen their artistic and professional competencies.

Creativity is a natural state of being, accessible to everyone. It is not a special gift awarded to few. Creativity is what keeps us in touch with our deepest side: the stillness and silence, the laughter and playfulness, sensuality and joy, intuition, fantasy, the vision and belief in a constantly developing world. It is the inner spring which makes us move and allows us to constantly evolve and change.